Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am HEALTHY, I have TRAINED FOR THIS, I am STRONG.....where I've been. (I'll try and keep this short!)

Hello Everyone.  I am so sorry it has been so long since I've "blogged".  I've got a myriad of excuses for why I haven't. 

First and foremost - I haven't felt like it.  I've thought about it a lot- I just couldn't work up the energy to do so. 

I travel a LOT for my job and this past month has been brutal.  I feel like I've barely been home (as I currently sit in a hotel lobby) and I'm getting ready to leave again for another week long trip next week.  (I still haven't told my kids yet about this one!)   Traveling curtails blogging for me (and running). 

As you may or may not recall - I also have been having issues with an on again - off again - cough.  This reached it's "prime" about 3 weeks ago.  I ended up have a few trips to the doctor, a chest X-Ray and now have an inhaler I keep with me.  I guess I have sports induced asthma. 

Additionally - the chest X-Ray showed up something funky with my heart.  I ended up heading back to the cardiologist - who essentially thinks I'm FINE.  However, I need to have a stress test - stay tuned as that's coming up in a week and a half. 

So...all of this has sort of thrown me into a funk.  A bit of a "running is killing me, my job is making me crazy, and yet I still can't seem to lose the weight I want funk".

On for the good news.  My first half marathon is officially behind me.  The More Fitness Magazine All Women's Half Marathon was this past Sunday - April 15th.  (I got the go ahead from my cardiologist on Wednesday that I could run it).  All of these medical issues derailed my training a bit - so I went into it feeling a bit under confident.  I had to keep telling myself I could walk if I needed to.  I also kept telling myself it may be my only marathon so I wanted to give it my best shot.  That's where my new mantra kicked in.

I am healthy, I have trained for this, I am strong.   I told myself this repeatedly on Sunday. 

I'll do a full half marathon report soon (as I want to document this for myself as well - as I'm not certain I have any readers left!). 

For those of you whose virtual runs I missed this past month - I'm sorry - life just got in the way. 


  1. Yikes, sorry life has been so wild! Can't wait to hear about your half!

  2. I can't wait for the recap either and you know what I have been really stressed about blogging too. It takes a lot out of you but I want to make it to everyone. Obviously I can't so I'm just going to have to work out a system :)

  3. good luck and this is the perfect attitude to have!! you can't do anything more now than let your body do what you have trained for

  4. Life it totally a normal thing, so dont feel bad, we understand! cant wait to hear a recap!