Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Age is just a number….or is it?

I know that there are a lot of younger runners whippersnappers out there….but I just have to vent a bit …

I found running this past year – having never been an athlete this has been quite an adventure for me.  I’m a planner by nature – so I’ve been  stressing over studying the art of running as much as I’ve actually been running. 

Yesterday I had a conversation with a close work friend.  She was telling me that her daughter was running a half marathon in 7 weeks.  I was shocked by this to say the least.  The daughter that just at Christmas time we were discussing how out of shape she was, who needed to lose weight and get herself together?  The daughter that last summer out of the blue signed herself up for a triatholon and then needed to be rescued by the search crew during the biking portion?

The conversation went something like this:

Her - “A’s running a half marathon in March”

Me – “Really – how’s she gonna do that?”

Her - “Well – she’s been running –she’s going to run a 5k this weekend, a 10k in a couple of weeks – and then she’s gonna do the half in March”

Me – “really – just like that?”

Her - “She’s got a trainer helping her, she’s going to be on vacation in March before the race so she’s going to need to find a way to fit it in.  She looks great – she’s lost a ton of weight”

Ok – is it me?  It seriously isn’t supposed to work this way is it?  I am busting my butt running – now for 8 months and mapping out my strategy to run this half – and her 24 YEAR OLD daughter is just going to decide to run one as she can fit it in?

I did point out to her that recently in the Philly Half there were two deaths – both people in their twenties.  I remember hearing about this and panicking.  (I did not investigate these – but I did hear during the report on this that it was eluded to that they didn’t train the way they should.)

I find it a bit frustrating.  I’ve worked hard for every mile, every minute I’ve put in.  I’m dedicated to this sport.  As a forty something  newbie it has not come easy.  I’m not fast, I’m “cautious”….realistic….all of those words best used to describe the conservative, controlling person that I am.

I’m certain that with age comes wisdom (ha) and that overthinking this  my training plan will persevere.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Frozen Boogers.....My Freeze Your Thorns off Race Report.

Yesterday I ran the Freeze Your Thorns of 5K hosted by the Boring Runner.     

Happily the race was uneventful.  Almost boring :-).   As I said in my previous post - Friday was supposed to be a rest (sounds better to say recovery day - I think I'll start using that) day - but my overzealous self signed up for a last minute 5k with a deadline of Friday night.  I ran that sucker as fast as I could so I could get back to my wine!

Needless to say - my legs were killing me by yesterday morning.  Crosstraining is overrated.  I had done a lower body workout on Thursday night - so everything was piling on by the time the weekend hit.  Seriously - nothing makes you feel more out of shape than trying something new!

My stubborn nature (and my constant desire to win free things) had me lacing up those kicks yesterday morning.  Honestly - as much as my legs ached (and that's not an over statement) - once I started running - nothing bothered me.  It was a beautiful - 46 degree - sunny day.  (I live in NY so that's not common for this time of year!)  I ran slow (34:30) - but I was running.  I probably could have shaved a minute off my time if I wasn't futzing around with my phone's camera trying to take pictures for my blog.  (honestly- I need to get a life!)

Needless to say - no great pics....lots of the ground...but all was good. 

So thank you Boring Runner for hosting this event - happy to say - no frozen boogers for me.  Maybe next year!

My son's soccer number.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Five~

1.        I’m running two virtual 5ks this weekend.  1 of them I apparently need to run tonight (I didn’t realize the deadline is for end of day today – yikes!  So much for a rest day).  The first one is to celebrate Toni’s Blogiversary and 34th birthday over at RunningLovingLiving.  The other one – which I will run tomorrow, is the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K – hosted by the Boring Runner .  These virtual runs really motivate me to keep moving.  (the fact that I’m running tonight is a perfect example!)

2.       I signed up for a Twitter account this week.  That’s been exciting and has been keeping me busy.

3.       I got very excited this week when I realized that the 2012 race calendars are starting to come out.  I sign up for as many local races as I can (very low budget which is great!) so I like to get these on my calendar and get signed up as soon as possible.  Benefits of early sign up are twofold – first and foremost – early birds usually get a shirt (yup – I’m shallow) and second, once I’m committed there’s always something to train for.

4.       I signed up for a 10 mile race on March 11th.  This will be my longest distance race (to date) and will be great preparation for my half marathon in April.  Of course, the weather on March 11th ought to be interesting!  It also happens to be my baby girl’s 6th birthday so I’ll need to run fast so I can get home and celebrate.

5.       11 weeks till my half marathon.  I’m getting excited.   8 months ago I couldn’t run a mile and now look at me!! WOOT

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Blogging Addiction

Amanda over at RuntotheFinish brought up in her most recent post the fact that Google Friend Connect  is going away.  This sparked some commentary on how people are supposed to keep track of other blogs.

I guess this is where my blogging ignorance has paid off.  I don't use google reader as I can't quite figure it out.  I use friend connect because it's easier to leave comments on other blogs (how's this gonna work now?) but other than that - I actually use my own website to follow other bloggers.

See that long list to the right of this post?  I get that this doesn't make for the prettiest bloggie homepage - but it works.  I check my own blog homepage several times and day and when I see new posts - I get very excited.

There's something about the blogging community that is addicting.  I shouldn't care what Running Ricig had for dinner last night - but for some reason I do.

Stephanie over at RunforFun always has good stuff to say - talk about having an upbeat attitude! 

Not to mention RunwithJess, BlondePonytail (who took a week off from blogging over the holidays  - what's up with that ? :-), SUAR (I'm actually thinking of getting a tattoo that says SUAR I like the motto so much), MissZippy,.....the list goes on and on.

And it does  -  As evidenced to the right. 

Reading other people blogs is my favorite part of this. 

You guys motivate me - give me ideas - keep me striving to do better.  (Like Courtney over at A So Called Runner who in one year shaved 10 minutes off her 5K PR. Yay Courtney!)

So...to all of those bloggers listed to the right (as I can't possibly give you all a shout out in this post!) - know this - I miss you when you're "quiet". 

If you've got a favorite blog that I don't have listed - PLEASE send it my way. 

Why do you blog?  Do you read as much as you write - or more?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The cost of running....

Do you have a running budget? 

This is my first "year" of running - and now that the holidays are over and I'm trying to look ahead - I've realized I need a line item in my budget for running.

In my current circle - the race fees aren't too crazy.  However, my first half marathon is coming up in April - and that by far is my biggest entry fee - not to mention that I'll need to stay over night and the other misc. expenses that come along with that.  This "event" is going to cost me a decent chunk of change - being in NYC doesn't help.  (but it should be AWESOME!!)

THEN there's the stuff.  This is the coolest part to me.  I want it all - of course - I can't afford to spend that kind of loot so I need to prioritize.

Here's what on my list:

New Shoes - ok - this is a must!  I have two pair of Nikes that I got last June (I will admit that my brother works for Nike so I get a discount) - THAT SAID - I'm not certain that they are the best shoe for me.  I plan on going to a running store and getting a gait analysis done to help guide me on this.  Truth be told - it's this upcoming trip to the running store that has prompted this budgeting task!  I know when I get there I'm going to want everything!

Garmin - would love one of these - but it's not cheap.

Compression EVERYTHING!  Ok - I really need pants and probably another pair of shorts.

Bondi Hat (love these!)

RoadID - love the one that hooks on your shoe and holds a key :-)

More running gear - my clothes are starting to look a little ragged.  I actually wear them (and wash them!) the most!

Do you have a budget?  How do you prioritize?  Any tips for me?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Running isn't everything - or is it?

The purpose of this post today is two-fold.  When I initially started to think about what I should write for my next post - the subject line was simply Running Isn't Everything.

I'll explain.

I will shamefully admit that I just purchased the 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton.  While I consider myself to be a more advanced "athlete" (ok - I still don't consider myself an athlete) - I would like to think I need to commit more than 10 minutes to exercise.  That said -  I don't do any other cross training besides running.  I want running to be my primary focus and I don't have a lot of additional time - so I thought - what the heck, I'll give it a shot. 

On Saturday morning I put in my first 10 minute DVD.  14 minutes later (because it takes longer than 10!) I could barely walk.  On Sunday - my legs were jello and my muscles were extremely sore. 

It was at that time that I decided Running Isn't Everything.  Clearly my body needs more cross training and even if it's only in 10 minute segments - I need some work! 

Moving on to Monday -

I ended up needing to have a "medical procedure" on Monday - not planned.  I can't run or exercise for a week.  It's Wednesday - I'm depressed, I'm stressed, I'm tired and I WANT TO RUN! 

I NEED to run.  Running may not be everything - but it's a part of me.  It's more than just exercise.  It consoles me, it pushes me - I hate it (a lot) some days - but take it away and I am going through withdrawal for it. 

I'm going to walk today on my TM  - slowly so I don't get in trouble by my doctor - but it's something. 

I hate to rush time - but may this week fly by!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

M.I.A. .....

Sorry I've been MIA for the past week - I've been traveling.  When I travel its primarily for work - and when I'm on these trips my days are literally 20 hour days for 8 days straight.  I'm not complaining (although I seriously could) - I'm just explaining my absense. 

Now I'm back.  I haven't run since last Saturday (I was able to put in a few days of running before things got crazy) - but now I'm jet lagged.  Not because of a time change - as there wasn't one - but because of the mental and physical drain on me when I'm working for these trips.  (ok - apparently I AM complaining)

I've missed reading all of your blogs and have lots of catching up to do.  I'm working my way through them (from the comfort of my couch).

I need to run - I mentally need to run - but I'm tired.  When I take time off from running - I stress about losing my "gains".  That said - I need one more day....I promise - tomorrow morning I will get up - lace up - pile on those winter running clothes....and get back to it.

Taking a break from running (forced or not) is almost as  mentally stressful as the physical toll it sometimes takes on your  body.

Chat soon!!  

Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's the day - I'M REGISTERED!!

I signed up for my first half marathon!! YAY ME!  More / Fitness Magazine's Half Marathon in Central Park.  I'm very nervous AND I can't wait. 

Luckily it's a couple of months away so I've got time to get mentally prepared as well as physically.  I also registered to do this by myself so if there's anyone who wants to join me - let me know.

On a seperate note - I'm in Orlando this week (NOT for the Marathon) and it's been difficult to get my run in.  I have managed to get a few miles under my belt - but the rest of the week may be a wash for me. 

When I was out running on Saturday I loved the warning sign that I passed saying - WARNING, WALK at your own risk - do not approach the alligators or poisonous snakes. 

I figured I was good because I wasn't walking!  YIKES!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to decide if I need a coach - HELP!

This Monday registration opens up for the half marathon that I plan on running in April.  I'm very excited - but uncertain that I am training for this event the way I should be.

I have read quite a few books, blogs and articles online and I think a running coach would benefit me.

Here's my dilemna - I can't seem to find a "local" running coach - PLUS that may cost me a small fortune.

If I get an online running coach - how much different is that than me reading a book and trying to do it myself? 

Have you had  coach - in person or online?  Was it beneficial? 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Miss Zippy's got an awesome giveaway!

Head on over to her sight,  http://misszippy1.com/2012/01/lucy-hatha-leggings-reviewgiveaway.html so that you can try and win the Lucy Hatha Leggings she just reviewed.  Of course - I don't really want you to win - because I WANT THEM!

Good Luck!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Be prepared to be enlightened....

I got tagged by Kathy over at Just Keep Running and I have to admit - my first reaction was to be a little stressed.  21 random things....Hmmm....

Luckily - I have an hour+ commute to the office which gives me lots of time for "random"  thinking.  Here goes.....

  1. My guilty pleasure is bubble gum.  I love to get my hands on some "Hubba Bubba" and blow bubbles until my jaw hurts.  (another fun thing to do on my long commute :-)
  2. I'm a leftie - but I swing a softball bat with my right hand. 
  3. I'm addicted to running - that said - I hate it most days.  Go figure.
  4. Me and my girlfriends started stealing booze from our parents when we were 13.  Not something I'm proud of - especially since I have an almost 11 year old!
  5. I'm a horrible sleeper.  I come by it honestly.  My grandmother, mother, sisters....none of us sleep through the night.  I'm hating this fact because my 5 year old daughter is already showing signs of this "ailment".
  6. I come from a family of large hipped women.  We call it the "family curse".  (making my fat butt not my fault :-)
  7. I travel often for my job.  While I hate being gone for long periods at a time (I am sometimes gone for a week at a time) - I secretly enjoy being away for 1 or 2 days.  I miss my kids (and my husband) but the peace and quiet of a hotel room is delightful!
  8. I have a sweet toothe.  I eat candy every day.  A few years ago as a New Year's resolution I gave up chocolate for 30 days.  I didn't feel any better for it so I went right back to it.  (of course, if you refer back to #6 these two may be related!)
  9. I'm a Packer Fan.  I live in Giants country.  This doesn't make life easy some days.
  10. I'm a Brett Farve fan.  This is a direct conflict with # 9.  (don't tell my family!)
  11. I don't balance my checking account.  (does anybody do this anymore?)
  12. I love being a soccer mom.  I will gladly spend the day at the fields.
  13. I'm a control freak.  Nothing more to say on this.  It is what it is.
  14. I'm a big fan of the F-bomb.  I use it way too much - but it gives me pleasure.  (hanging my head in shame now)
  15. Even though I complain about it - I actually enjoy watching WWE.
  16. I'm 5'1.  My brother is 6'6.  Seriously - how is that fair?
  17. I still have clothes in my closest from 30lbs ago.  I'm convinced I'll get back into them this year and I'm planning on it! 
  18. I hate bedtime with my kids.  Trying to get them to stay in bed drains me to the point of being more tired than they are.
  19. I could give up cable TV.  I rarely watch TV and the noise that comes from it and the disruption that it causes in my house some days makes me wish we didn't have it.  My husband happens to be an addict so there is never any chance of this happening!
  20. I exercise at home (well - I try to).  I pay for a gym membership just in case my treadmill dies. 
  21. I love when my house is clean, and everything is in order, to sit down and read a book.  Of course, the stars need to be aligned for this so it is rare!
Well.....there they are.  There's nothing like putting all of this nonsense about yourself down in writing to make you sit back and do a little self assessment.

I'm tagging 5 other bloggers now - paying it forward.....

Michelle over at RunnPrincessRunn
Cortney at Nerd on the Run
Paige at The Last Donut
Courtney at A So Called Runner
Alecia AKA Hugh Jass (love it!) over at Tin Can Treader

Have Fun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolution Run!

I signed up for Amanda's (Run to the Finish) Resolution Run today.  Thank goodness the minimum requirement was to run a mile - because I am way more tired today than I thought I'd be.  NOT because I stayed up to watch the ball drop (well - maybe a little of that) but because my body is really recovering from my long run yesterday.  Seven miles for me is a personal best so I'm feeling it today.

Anyways....I put in 2 miles tonight.  My legs ache. A LOT! 

I chose the above resolution because I can't seem to find a training plan that I want to stick with.  I am all over the place on this.  I need to do the research (again :-), consider whether a running coach is an option, pick a plan and stick with it - PERIOD. 

I need to do this quickly as I am counting the days until the registration opens up for my first half marathon.  (January 9th!)

Thanks Amanda for getting me back on my feet today!