About Me....

I live in a small suburb of NYC with my husband and two kids. (one boy, one girl) We also have two beasts (our dogs).

I started running in June of this year (2011). I made the decision to run because one of my girlfriends roped me into it. Seriously... I didn't go into this for myself. One of my close friends decided that she wanted to run a marathon next year and wanted me to help her train and do it with her. I had NEVER run. I do not consider myself an athlete. I thought joining her would help me lose weight. That was my motivation.

6 months later my girlfriend is no longer on this running journey - but I seem to have become addicted. I love this sense of accomplishment. I'm not gonna lie - I didn't lose a pound when I started. We were running 10+ miles a week and nothing was coming off. 10 might not sound like a lot now - but when you are a NON runner - 10 miles is fairly significant.

I have since adjusted my eating habits and have dropped 15 lbs. With luck - the last 10 will come off quickly. (or not so quickly...)

I don't have a goal to run a marathon. The thought of 26.2 miles just seems abusive to my body. My goal is to start running half marathons. (maybe when I get to 13 miles, 26.2 won't seem that daunting :-)

Realistically - my goal is to make eating healthy and exercise, through running and cross training, a way of life.

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