Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling a bit nervous....10 mile race on Sunday

I've got a 10 mile race on Sunday.  I signed up for it because it fits nicely into my half marathon training plan.  At least it did until my training took a two week hiatus a few weeks ago. 

I've got my head back in the game and I've been doing my long runs for the past two weeks - but I'm STILL sore from my 9 miler on Sunday.  NOT a good sign.  Of course, I have yet to give myself a true rest day.  Starting tomorrow I won't be running until Sunday. 

I went out today to get in 4.  I ended up getting in 2 and I walked for close to a half a mile.  My legs are fatigued. 

I think compression pants might work better if I actually RAN in them! 

Now it's in my head.  Doubt.  Uncertainty. 

Bottom line is - I'm running no matter what.  The question is - how fast and will I completely make a fool of myself.  (why didn't I sign up for the 5 miler!?)

I need to get this race behind me - and I need to get some confidence from it.  The half is 4 weeks away.  Essentially 3 more training weeks. 

I'm getting in my own way at this point.  As SUAR says - I need to stop complaining - stop worrying - and just SHUT UP and RUN!  (easy for her to say - she's an awesome runner!)

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  1. YEP! SUAR :) and don't worry you will rock that 10miler!!!!! I think resting before is a great idea though. I hope those legs get the rest and shake out they need for you to smoke this race!