Monday, March 5, 2012

My conservative running style - Am I phoning it in?

For those of you that have ever seen a Jillian Michael's video - I'm sure you know the expression phoning it in.  She uses it a lot - to make sure you push yourself to the max - and don't just "phone it in".  ( I know she didn't invent the expression - but that's where I've heard it most so I'm giving her credit.)

I went out yesterday for my long run of the week.  9 miles.  It's the longest run I've ever done.  With my new Garmin Forerunner 305 (I promise I'll stop talking about this sometime in the near future!) it gives me a lot more details on my run - while in process.  At times - my pace per mile was up near 13. 

I ran 9 miles at an average pace of 11:54 per mile.  Not a fast time - at all!  The Garmin did give me more freedom in where I ran - so I mixed it up a lot.  I didn't run my usual loop as I just couldn't imagine running it over and over again.  I ran all around my small town until I hit the 9 mile mark.  So - I'm sure some additional hills and new terrains made a difference - but none the less - not a great time.

Here's the kicker - my legs are KILLING me.  I knew last night I was gonna be super sore today.  It hurt to go up and downstairs by the middle of the afternoon yesterday.  NOT a good sign.

I'm a conservative person by nature.  I always err on the side of caution.  Not much of a risk taker.  I've been very "strategic" in my training plan as I've built up mileage.  Everything you read says to increase your mileage or your pace slowly over time.  I've done that - increased everything - SLOWLY. 

Perhaps - too slowly?  Maybe I've been phoning it in.  Not on purpose - but in my subconcious - running - but not running as hard as I could be.  Not getting the most out of it that I should be. 

How do you determine what's enough?  What's too little or what's too much?  None us want to end up injured and unable to run.  I know the mantra of "listen to your body" - but that means you have to try and figure out when you're being subconsciously lazy.  Not always an easy thing to do. 

I read a post from someone recently (I'm sorry but I don't remember who) and they had said that they do weight training on the same day they do their long run because they want to get the most out of their recovery days.  GREAT STRATEGY and an incredible amount of dedication.  I - on the other hand - come home from my long run - eat, eat and eat, lay around moaning and then - for anyone who will listen - I tell them how far I ran.  All while begging my husband to massage my knees, and achilles (which have been getting very sore lately - yikes). 

I think it's time to disconnect the phone service!  Clearly less talking and more doing is in order. (I may need to unplug my fridge as well :-)

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