Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Running Snob...VENT

I want to start by saying how much I love this blogging community and how supportive everyone is.  I wish I could say the same about some of the other "runners" I "run" into.

For us newbies, or slow runners, or "older" runners  - it's intimidating to join a group of people with the runner's mentality.  More, faster, better...

People who don't run admire us.  People see me out and about in my running clothes and ask - are you coming back from a run?  a race?  They are impressed.  I get told now by some people that the "don't recognize me" unless I'm in my running clothes.  (clearly I've got some social issues as I should probably dress a little better at times!)

The not so easily impressed are other runners.  They want to know - how you did.  Pace per mile, how far ....comparing the whole time.  It's human nature - I get it.

What bothers me is how quick they can be to tell you about their accomplishments - in a way that puts yours down. 

I run 15 - 20 miles a week.  A year ago I didn't run.  AT ALL.  15 - 20 miles a week, just about every week, for 9 months now is a MAJOR accomplishment for me.  I'm PROUD.  Those that run 15 miles in a day - put runners like me in a different class.  I am in a different class - no doubt.  But I would like to be supported and recognized for my efforts.

This past week I got it in my head that I want to run a Ragnar.  I went on their website and discovered that they have one in September up near where one of my closest friends lives.  She's always complaining  telling me about how her book club has practically become a running club and how much I'd enjoy it.  (she's not a runner -so she's not too happy about it)

I sent her an email asking her to check with her book club if they are interested in putting a team together.  Here's a snippet from the email she got back from one of them ...

"Ragnar is the same concept of HTC but on a smaller scale. HTC is a shining gem of a race, suspended in time that can't be replicated. But I'm sure it's quite fun in it's own right"

What the f does that mean?  Anyways.....she's out.  Not interested. 

No responses from the rest of them.

Then - there's my other friend's sister who is a tri-athlete.  She's done / does it all.  When we ran our first 5 mile race a few months back - she told us the time we should be able to run it in.  Who does that?  I'm just happy I'm running and I'm finishing.  If I have a time goal - that's personal.  It's mine.  It's not for someone else to tell me what I should be doing. 

I run for myself - so I know what others think isn't relevant.  But as a new runner, a SLOW runner (one that's 42 and 5'1 so let's face it - I'm not gonna get that much faster!) , it's intimidating.  I love it.  I do.  I do it begrudgingly some days - but I get a lot of joy out of it.  My accomplishments, the improvements to my health and my self esteem make it all worth it. 

I hate that other runners are the ones trying to take that away.



  1. Uh, where do you live, we have an open spot on our team for Ragnar cape cod??? Email me I you want more info.

    1. thanks so much for asking! I actually live in NY so it's doable - unfortunately that's my son's birthday weekend - and I'm pretty sure my family would kill me!

  2. I'd email her back and ask her what that means and why she isn't suggesting it to them :P

    and I'd do one if you were close. I think most teams don't care about pace - it's all about fun!

  3. Hi Penny, I just stumbled across your blog - you sound so much like me! I'm a late in life runner too who is beyond hooked. I started 3 years ago - your first half will be very empowering - have a wonderful run!
    ... ... oh, and look out - one of these days you just might want to go a little crazier and push for a full - something I never thought I would do, myself!
    Can't wait to red more about you!
    And there are snobs everywhere - ignore, ignore, ignore! Just like you said - we run for (and against) ourselves not anyone else! :)