Friday, February 24, 2012

My work from home plan - are these jeans too tight?

Working from home two days a week is a perk of my job that I - quite frankly - am not sure I could live without.

It affords me the opportunity to save on gas, time, spend more time with my kids and run outside 2 extra days.  So...I am in no way complaining about this gift bestowed upon me by my employer.

It does - however, personally challenge me some days.  I have instant access to my refridgerator  and I am in either my running clothes, PJs or some other amazingly comfortable apparel.  Not an easy recipe for self control. 

Today I got "snowed in". Yup  - 4 inches of snow has snowed me in!  Apparently a major road on my commute is closed due to a ton of accidents so I am stuck working from home. 

Friday is "weigh in" day for me and my girlfriend.  It's the home stretch and home - with my fridge - is the last place I want to be.  I'd rather be in my office sitting in meetings all day.

My survival strategy?  I'm putting on those jeans that haven't "fit" me in years.  I certainly can't wear them in public, and I'm not certain how comfortable I'll be sitting down - but they will serve as a constant reminder as to why I can't indulge those cravings!!   It's a head game and I'm in it to win it!  

What do you do to get past your cravings?


  1. That is so smart. When I put my PJs on they seem to be tied to the snacks....thats a great idea for the weekends!!! Erica

  2. what a great idea Penny! I found that once I pre cut and washed all my veggies it made it easier for me to reach in the fridge for them. I don't eat very healthy but making it convenient seems to be working :)