Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nike (and Pandora) you're on my list! A Valentine Breakup....

I've seen so many posts about shoes and how to select the best ones, how much they can change your run, how having the right one for your running type can make an impact.....and how much time is spent trying to find THE shoe.

I've been sucked into the vortex.  Some of you know that my brother works for Nike so I try to be Nike loyal.  Yes - I get a discount but I also do try and support the brand that gives my brother his paycheck. 

Since I've been running I've been using the Lunarglide 2s.  Since I was/am a new runner - I had / have no real way to gauge a good vs bad running shoe.  I've been perfectly happy in my LG2s but maybe I could be better, faster, less achy with something else.

Turns out I am an underpronator, supinator....whatever you want to call it.  LG2s are not the best shoe for my running type.  So - after consulting my little bro and doing some research I ordered the Vomero 6s. 

I had such high hopes.  I was away for a few days this week so I was very excited when I got home yesterday morning and discovered the Vomeros had a arrived.  Tired as I was (I left my hotel for the airport at 3:30 EST) - I put on my running gear and hit the road.

I WANTED to get my 7 in.  I didn't want to have to run today because I'm always more tired 2 days post travel.  (see the tired theme here? - I thought running was supposed to give you energy?!) Anyways - I knew half a mile into it the shoes weren't for me.  The cushioning was all off, my toes were numb, I was generally unhappy.  I ended up running just over 3 and calling it a day. 

My legs (and feet) actually hurt me the rest of the day.  So NOT happy with Nike.  Research doesn't point towards them for premier running shoes - and I'm sorry to say - I'm going to have to jump ship and find someone else. Looks like Nike and I are parting ways...let's hope they keep making cool soccer shoes so I can continue to give them a good percentage of my paycheck for my son's sport.

By they way - can I return shoes that I ran 3 miles in?  I'm gonna try because truth be told - these shoes aren't even comfortable enough (for me) to walk in. 

Now - let's talk Pandora.  I use Pandora when I run alone because I want to have my phone with me for safety purposes.  (I am switching to an IPhone in March but for now I have a Blackberry)

I hate relying on it for my music.  Yesterday - even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky - I only had music for about half my run.  That had me focusing even more on my aching feet and offered me one more excuse to call it a day.  I generally don't need motivation to run - but I do need a push on my long run days.  I REALLY need a running partner.  

Do you use Pandora for your runs?  Any under pronators out there with shoe suggestions? 


  1. Finding the right show was a huge thorn in my side last summer when I had to change my foot strike, I thought I'd never get it right! Keep plugging away until you find the right one - it's out there! And definitely take back the 3 mile run in shoes!

    I've never used Pandora, I must jump on the latest technology bandwagon - haha!

  2. Your best bet for shoes is to go into a running store and let them fit you. They will know what shoes are good for your pronation and you can try them all on until you find the right one. :)