Monday, February 6, 2012

A need for speed....

I signed up last minute for a 5 mile race on Sunday with my local running club.  It was FREE (love that!) to all members so I really had nothing to lose.

I will start off by saying - I did not want to run yesterday.  I did NOT want to run.  I drug my butt out to the race.  I'm not certain why I was so "under"motivated.  Maybe it's because the race didn't start until 10am and by then I was all nice and comfy in my house not wanting to leave.  There's something to be said for getting up and out early.


Let's be real - even though the race was free - the only runners signing up for a run on February 5th are RUNNERS!  As in - seriously - way faster than me - runners. 

As you know - I'm training for a half marathon.  One of my problems with races is that I really am tired after I run them.  I'm honestly not certain why - I think its the mental strain as much as the physical strain because (as noted by my finishing time) I don't really "race" much faster than I train.

I told myself as I was running that I was counting this as my weekly long run and nothing more.  (at the end of the race I ran for another mile to give myself 6 for the long run - which was my target)  I didn't want to push myself because I wanted to make sure I could continue to train according to my schedule for the week. 

I realize at this point a lot of this endless rambling is just nonsense to you so I'll try and make my point.  I ran my 5 mile race in 53:10.  That's almost 2 minutes more than my PR on it - and even though I know I didn't push myself as hard as I could have - I'm disappointed in the time.  It was a really easy course.  NOT TO MENTION there were only about 10 people behind me - out of 120ppl.  WHY am I so slow? 

I know I should train on speed - but I also need to train on endurance.  It doesn't matter how fast I can run a mile if I can't run 13 of them in April.  I know it's a combination and I am doing some speed training - but it seems when I race - my body sets its pace and I -  apparently - haven't found yet the mental strength to push past it. 

PLUS - I'm tired today.  Wiped out- don't want to run and won't so that I can get in a long run on Wednesday before I head out of town on a business trip. 

Not feeling it today .....or feeling too much of it depending on how you look at it....

How do you pick yourself up out of a slump?


  1. I love a free run!!! How do I pick myself up....well I let myself have a couple of days off and the try again. There really isnt anything wrong with it....just let yourself do nothing. Then you feel refreshed and ready to go again. A few days to come out of it wont hurt. Hope that helps! Erica

  2. Nothing like a disappointing race to make my adrenaline pump to get moving! You can do speedwork one day and endurance run another day and in between just run a couple recovery'll get stronger that way and the half will be easier for ya!!

    Nice job getting out there when you didn't want to...that shows how strong you are! :)

  3. I usually do either speed/tempo one day a week, long run one day and then a few easy runs in between. I don't know how/why, but speed training WILL pay off if you keep doing it!

    I understand having a disappointing run though, it's so frustrating!