Friday, November 25, 2011

I learned a lesson about myself yesterday...

I have been very proud of myself and my quest to become a runner. Apparently I've been so caught up in that pride that I've been holding myself back from becoming the best I can be at it.

I SHOULD be doing hill training, I SHOULD be pushing myself to be faster. It's not enough (at least for me) to just be doing this. I want to be good at it!! I know that I'll never win a race -(seriously...I'm 5'1" and could stand to lose a few pounds) but I certainly should be able to get more outta myself.

I had a very dear friend run with me yesterday. Someone who's never run a race and never even run outside. She only runs for exercise and she does it from the comfort of her living room. I am not trying to sell the treadmill short as I LOVE mine - but for me - there is a huge difference between running outside and running inside.

That said - she came in a minute after me. One lousy minute. I am VERY VERY proud of her and don't want to take anything away from that. In hindsight - what I've realized is that I should have been better. I should have been faster than her. I'm training, running, focusing on my run all the time.

BUT - unless I push myself when I'm training and while I'm running - I'm not going to get better, faster, stronger.

Game on - I'm ready.

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