Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A rambling post.....

I've got a few things on my mind tonight so please bear with me....

For starters - I need to modify my goals for the week. Not because I can't physically do it or don't have the mental drive - but because I know better. I KNOW that running everyday - especially when I am trying to improve - is not smart. My body needs recovery days.

Instead of running everyday - on my rest days I will walk and weight train. As I have more time I will try and fold in either Pilates or Yoga - but this week - there is no extra time to be found. PLUS my legs are sore and I need them to be in top shape for the Turkey Trot on Thursday.

Which leads me to my second topic. The Turkey Trot ...

I am new to this world of running and racing so I don't necessarily think of some of the things a more experienced racer would. I don't or should I say didn't think to look at the course map ahead of time.

IF I had - I'd have known that the first half of the race was uphill. I mean....seriously uphill. Hindsight's 20/20 - I could have been training on that hill. So, because I am so predictable - I "raced" home yesterday after scouting out the course, laced up my kicks and headed for the biggest hill I could find.

I'm sure I'm not the only runner that slacks off on hill training...so let's just say that my last minute effort has only made my already tender legs ache. They actually woke me up last night. I'll call it a "wake up call" on consistency in hill training as well as a reminder of how important rest days are - especiallly after a long run.

At this rate my 5 mile Turkey Trot is looking more like it could be a Turkey Crawl.

Lastly (finally)....my quest for healthier eating...

This isn't new for me - I am very aware of what I should and shouldn't be eating. My fridge is stocked with flax seed, wheat germ (although I am considering investigating that whole gluten free thing), chia seeds and bee pollen (yes - I said Bee Pollen). What I lack is consistency. I am a full fledged sugar addict and find it a very difficult habit to break. As part of the HBBC (Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge) I'm trying to drop 15 pounds so I'm refocusing on my daily diet. I've paired up with a wonderful friend and tomorrow morning is our first weigh in. Wish me luck - stepping on the scale in front of someone is NEVER fun!

In the future I will try and find a better way to structure these posts. Focusing on different topics different days. Today I just needed to get it all out there.

thanks -

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