Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Five~

1.        I’m running two virtual 5ks this weekend.  1 of them I apparently need to run tonight (I didn’t realize the deadline is for end of day today – yikes!  So much for a rest day).  The first one is to celebrate Toni’s Blogiversary and 34th birthday over at RunningLovingLiving.  The other one – which I will run tomorrow, is the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K – hosted by the Boring Runner .  These virtual runs really motivate me to keep moving.  (the fact that I’m running tonight is a perfect example!)

2.       I signed up for a Twitter account this week.  That’s been exciting and has been keeping me busy.

3.       I got very excited this week when I realized that the 2012 race calendars are starting to come out.  I sign up for as many local races as I can (very low budget which is great!) so I like to get these on my calendar and get signed up as soon as possible.  Benefits of early sign up are twofold – first and foremost – early birds usually get a shirt (yup – I’m shallow) and second, once I’m committed there’s always something to train for.

4.       I signed up for a 10 mile race on March 11th.  This will be my longest distance race (to date) and will be great preparation for my half marathon in April.  Of course, the weather on March 11th ought to be interesting!  It also happens to be my baby girl’s 6th birthday so I’ll need to run fast so I can get home and celebrate.

5.       11 weeks till my half marathon.  I’m getting excited.   8 months ago I couldn’t run a mile and now look at me!! WOOT

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  1. That's super exciting - look how far you've come - amazing! I signed up for a twitter account a while ago, but haven't looked at it since...I need to get a little more current with these things! Good luck on your two virtual races this weekend!