Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's the day - I'M REGISTERED!!

I signed up for my first half marathon!! YAY ME!  More / Fitness Magazine's Half Marathon in Central Park.  I'm very nervous AND I can't wait. 

Luckily it's a couple of months away so I've got time to get mentally prepared as well as physically.  I also registered to do this by myself so if there's anyone who wants to join me - let me know.

On a seperate note - I'm in Orlando this week (NOT for the Marathon) and it's been difficult to get my run in.  I have managed to get a few miles under my belt - but the rest of the week may be a wash for me. 

When I was out running on Saturday I loved the warning sign that I passed saying - WARNING, WALK at your own risk - do not approach the alligators or poisonous snakes. 

I figured I was good because I wasn't walking!  YIKES!


  1. WOOHOO! You're gonna do great!

  2. Awesome for signing up that is so wonderful! Cant wait to follow along with your journey that I know you will rock!

  3. So exciting! Your first half. that is awesome! feel free to bother us all with questions. Meanwhile you won a pair of recovery socks on my blog. Email me your address and size so i can send them along -

  4. so exciting! Congratulations! Looking forward to following along with your training!