Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to decide if I need a coach - HELP!

This Monday registration opens up for the half marathon that I plan on running in April.  I'm very excited - but uncertain that I am training for this event the way I should be.

I have read quite a few books, blogs and articles online and I think a running coach would benefit me.

Here's my dilemna - I can't seem to find a "local" running coach - PLUS that may cost me a small fortune.

If I get an online running coach - how much different is that than me reading a book and trying to do it myself? 

Have you had  coach - in person or online?  Was it beneficial? 


  1. I have never had a running coach but I think someone telling you what to do and structuring you is almost always a great thing. Do I think you need one?? no. but you wrote yourself in this post: I think one would benefit me. so that means you'd better keep looking, check ads, local papers. maybe just join a free running group??

    I would not use an online coach. What a waste of money. Runner's world has a coach program you can use for one month for free. it'll spit out a training plan based on what you input....I did that and then just printed the plan :) Free and easy!

  2. Okay so I live in KC and am an ambassador for our running club. I never ever knew the things that the club offered until getting more involved! The neat thing is our club has a running coach on hand free to memembers so I would see if you have running club in your area and they might be able to help. The money for the club is 20 dollars a year but its totally worth it. If they dont have a coach they might know some around. My friend owns a fitness club and they have a running coach on staff and he is also reasonable. I would steer clear of online, they will probably just tell you something they see of the internet anyway.