Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Frozen Boogers.....My Freeze Your Thorns off Race Report.

Yesterday I ran the Freeze Your Thorns of 5K hosted by the Boring Runner.     

Happily the race was uneventful.  Almost boring :-).   As I said in my previous post - Friday was supposed to be a rest (sounds better to say recovery day - I think I'll start using that) day - but my overzealous self signed up for a last minute 5k with a deadline of Friday night.  I ran that sucker as fast as I could so I could get back to my wine!

Needless to say - my legs were killing me by yesterday morning.  Crosstraining is overrated.  I had done a lower body workout on Thursday night - so everything was piling on by the time the weekend hit.  Seriously - nothing makes you feel more out of shape than trying something new!

My stubborn nature (and my constant desire to win free things) had me lacing up those kicks yesterday morning.  Honestly - as much as my legs ached (and that's not an over statement) - once I started running - nothing bothered me.  It was a beautiful - 46 degree - sunny day.  (I live in NY so that's not common for this time of year!)  I ran slow (34:30) - but I was running.  I probably could have shaved a minute off my time if I wasn't futzing around with my phone's camera trying to take pictures for my blog.  (honestly- I need to get a life!)

Needless to say - no great pics....lots of the ground...but all was good. 

So thank you Boring Runner for hosting this event - happy to say - no frozen boogers for me.  Maybe next year!

My son's soccer number.

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  1. Good time! Im trying so hard to run in the low low 30s this year on my 5k races! Erica