Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Blogging Addiction

Amanda over at RuntotheFinish brought up in her most recent post the fact that Google Friend Connect  is going away.  This sparked some commentary on how people are supposed to keep track of other blogs.

I guess this is where my blogging ignorance has paid off.  I don't use google reader as I can't quite figure it out.  I use friend connect because it's easier to leave comments on other blogs (how's this gonna work now?) but other than that - I actually use my own website to follow other bloggers.

See that long list to the right of this post?  I get that this doesn't make for the prettiest bloggie homepage - but it works.  I check my own blog homepage several times and day and when I see new posts - I get very excited.

There's something about the blogging community that is addicting.  I shouldn't care what Running Ricig had for dinner last night - but for some reason I do.

Stephanie over at RunforFun always has good stuff to say - talk about having an upbeat attitude! 

Not to mention RunwithJess, BlondePonytail (who took a week off from blogging over the holidays  - what's up with that ? :-), SUAR (I'm actually thinking of getting a tattoo that says SUAR I like the motto so much), MissZippy,.....the list goes on and on.

And it does  -  As evidenced to the right. 

Reading other people blogs is my favorite part of this. 

You guys motivate me - give me ideas - keep me striving to do better.  (Like Courtney over at A So Called Runner who in one year shaved 10 minutes off her 5K PR. Yay Courtney!) all of those bloggers listed to the right (as I can't possibly give you all a shout out in this post!) - know this - I miss you when you're "quiet". 

If you've got a favorite blog that I don't have listed - PLEASE send it my way. 

Why do you blog?  Do you read as much as you write - or more?

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