Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The cost of running....

Do you have a running budget? 

This is my first "year" of running - and now that the holidays are over and I'm trying to look ahead - I've realized I need a line item in my budget for running.

In my current circle - the race fees aren't too crazy.  However, my first half marathon is coming up in April - and that by far is my biggest entry fee - not to mention that I'll need to stay over night and the other misc. expenses that come along with that.  This "event" is going to cost me a decent chunk of change - being in NYC doesn't help.  (but it should be AWESOME!!)

THEN there's the stuff.  This is the coolest part to me.  I want it all - of course - I can't afford to spend that kind of loot so I need to prioritize.

Here's what on my list:

New Shoes - ok - this is a must!  I have two pair of Nikes that I got last June (I will admit that my brother works for Nike so I get a discount) - THAT SAID - I'm not certain that they are the best shoe for me.  I plan on going to a running store and getting a gait analysis done to help guide me on this.  Truth be told - it's this upcoming trip to the running store that has prompted this budgeting task!  I know when I get there I'm going to want everything!

Garmin - would love one of these - but it's not cheap.

Compression EVERYTHING!  Ok - I really need pants and probably another pair of shorts.

Bondi Hat (love these!)

RoadID - love the one that hooks on your shoe and holds a key :-)

More running gear - my clothes are starting to look a little ragged.  I actually wear them (and wash them!) the most!

Do you have a budget?  How do you prioritize?  Any tips for me?


  1. wow that's quite the list.

    first off I definitely have a running budget. I have only done one race before and usually pick them far apart and treat them as a special "treat" I'll most likely end up doing 3 max this year.

    second we don't go away b/c we can't afford to.

    third discount shoes, so I'd definitely get your gait analyzed but if Nike's are cheap due to the bro stick with them :)

    I use nike + instead of a garmin, and I write companies to ask them for free products and do reviews :D and enter tons of giveaways to win stuff. I've gotten quite a lot of stuff due to blogging :)

    1. It's crazy how a simple sport can become so expensive! I don't have a budget, per se, but I do try to keep it in check. Smaller races, for the most part and really considering what I do/don't need as far as gear is concerned. My two cents as someone who had been at it--Garmin's are nice, but not necessary!