Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Running isn't everything - or is it?

The purpose of this post today is two-fold.  When I initially started to think about what I should write for my next post - the subject line was simply Running Isn't Everything.

I'll explain.

I will shamefully admit that I just purchased the 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton.  While I consider myself to be a more advanced "athlete" (ok - I still don't consider myself an athlete) - I would like to think I need to commit more than 10 minutes to exercise.  That said -  I don't do any other cross training besides running.  I want running to be my primary focus and I don't have a lot of additional time - so I thought - what the heck, I'll give it a shot. 

On Saturday morning I put in my first 10 minute DVD.  14 minutes later (because it takes longer than 10!) I could barely walk.  On Sunday - my legs were jello and my muscles were extremely sore. 

It was at that time that I decided Running Isn't Everything.  Clearly my body needs more cross training and even if it's only in 10 minute segments - I need some work! 

Moving on to Monday -

I ended up needing to have a "medical procedure" on Monday - not planned.  I can't run or exercise for a week.  It's Wednesday - I'm depressed, I'm stressed, I'm tired and I WANT TO RUN! 

I NEED to run.  Running may not be everything - but it's a part of me.  It's more than just exercise.  It consoles me, it pushes me - I hate it (a lot) some days - but take it away and I am going through withdrawal for it. 

I'm going to walk today on my TM  - slowly so I don't get in trouble by my doctor - but it's something. 

I hate to rush time - but may this week fly by!



  1. I'd be fine with this week flying by!

    I am way too running focused and I think that's why I'm in my current recovering from injury state. It's really hard to fit other things in with a busy life - and running is just so simple! I hear ya - hope you recover quickly from your procedure and can run again soon!

  2. hahaha I actually LOVE workout dvd's and if you could barely walk that means it worked :) you should just relax and try to stretch everything out :)

  3. I have also been trying to do something other than running every other day, and it's HARD. I am such a weakling! I like running and feeling like Superwoman! Circuit training just doesn't do that for me. Hope you're better and back running again real soon. :-)

  4. These past few weeks have been torture for me since my running has been cut down. No, running isn't everything, but I need it. And if something ever happened to it, I best be finding something real quick to replace it because I really need it. :)