Monday, January 2, 2012

Be prepared to be enlightened....

I got tagged by Kathy over at Just Keep Running and I have to admit - my first reaction was to be a little stressed.  21 random things....Hmmm....

Luckily - I have an hour+ commute to the office which gives me lots of time for "random"  thinking.  Here goes.....

  1. My guilty pleasure is bubble gum.  I love to get my hands on some "Hubba Bubba" and blow bubbles until my jaw hurts.  (another fun thing to do on my long commute :-)
  2. I'm a leftie - but I swing a softball bat with my right hand. 
  3. I'm addicted to running - that said - I hate it most days.  Go figure.
  4. Me and my girlfriends started stealing booze from our parents when we were 13.  Not something I'm proud of - especially since I have an almost 11 year old!
  5. I'm a horrible sleeper.  I come by it honestly.  My grandmother, mother, sisters....none of us sleep through the night.  I'm hating this fact because my 5 year old daughter is already showing signs of this "ailment".
  6. I come from a family of large hipped women.  We call it the "family curse".  (making my fat butt not my fault :-)
  7. I travel often for my job.  While I hate being gone for long periods at a time (I am sometimes gone for a week at a time) - I secretly enjoy being away for 1 or 2 days.  I miss my kids (and my husband) but the peace and quiet of a hotel room is delightful!
  8. I have a sweet toothe.  I eat candy every day.  A few years ago as a New Year's resolution I gave up chocolate for 30 days.  I didn't feel any better for it so I went right back to it.  (of course, if you refer back to #6 these two may be related!)
  9. I'm a Packer Fan.  I live in Giants country.  This doesn't make life easy some days.
  10. I'm a Brett Farve fan.  This is a direct conflict with # 9.  (don't tell my family!)
  11. I don't balance my checking account.  (does anybody do this anymore?)
  12. I love being a soccer mom.  I will gladly spend the day at the fields.
  13. I'm a control freak.  Nothing more to say on this.  It is what it is.
  14. I'm a big fan of the F-bomb.  I use it way too much - but it gives me pleasure.  (hanging my head in shame now)
  15. Even though I complain about it - I actually enjoy watching WWE.
  16. I'm 5'1.  My brother is 6'6.  Seriously - how is that fair?
  17. I still have clothes in my closest from 30lbs ago.  I'm convinced I'll get back into them this year and I'm planning on it! 
  18. I hate bedtime with my kids.  Trying to get them to stay in bed drains me to the point of being more tired than they are.
  19. I could give up cable TV.  I rarely watch TV and the noise that comes from it and the disruption that it causes in my house some days makes me wish we didn't have it.  My husband happens to be an addict so there is never any chance of this happening!
  20. I exercise at home (well - I try to).  I pay for a gym membership just in case my treadmill dies. 
  21. I love when my house is clean, and everything is in order, to sit down and read a book.  Of course, the stars need to be aligned for this so it is rare!
Well.....there they are.  There's nothing like putting all of this nonsense about yourself down in writing to make you sit back and do a little self assessment.

I'm tagging 5 other bloggers now - paying it forward.....

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Have Fun!


  1. haha love this! In fact had an argument last night with hubby about the darn TV. I could soooo do without it too! He on the other hand, not so much. Oh well!!! Thank you for tagging me. I will get to thinking on this right away!

  2. didn't mean to stress you out! This is a great list and you got it done FAST! I didn't get around to mine for a few weeks!

    I am a lefty who swings a bat righty too! And I also fit in to the tall sibling category - so not fair!

    Thanks for playing along!

  3. Haha! Awesome! I'm coming up on the soccer mom phase and I don't know if I'll like it. I keep visualizing the multiple VHS tapes filled with my little brother's soccer games. Long... boring... tapes of nothing but children running this way down the field... then that way down the field... and on and on for eternity.

  4. Saw your link from Kathy's blog! I'm a control freak, too! Though having kids is forcing me to let go a little. And I hear you on having a clean house and sitting down to read and relax, amazing and so rare!

  5. Thanks for tagging me! I am awful at these list, its going to take me a while to figure mine out, I think someone else tagged me also and I totally forgot!

    I totally agree with number three, I am addicted but hate sometimes!

  6. i agree that I totally stink at these lists, but i really do love reading them!