Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CHAFING%!*#!!! - this isn't something a bandaid can fix!

Doesn't the title of this post say enough?

Now that I'm starting to feel human better and I was off from work today - I decided to get in my "long" run. (again for me - that's between 6 - 7 miles) I wore the same pants I've been wearing on runs - let me just say something went very wrong today with these pants and my "where the butt meets the thigh" parts.

I've got welts. Big time. I can barely walk and putting pants on is punishment. Is there something to put me out of my misery? Any fast, miracle cures?

(I guess I need to break down and get a pair of compression pants. With the holidays I've been procrastinating about this and I didn't realize - until now - how much of a difference they can make!!)


  1. eeck that doesnt not sound good at all. I am sorry for that. Wish I knew the cure!

  2. welts yikes that is serious!! i hate it when an outfit suddenly does fit the same for no apparent reason