Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weight for it..... was my "weigh in" day. Down a half a pound. So frustrating...but it was Thanksgiving and I didn't exactly hold myself back (stuffing might be one of my all time favorite foods). I need to determine if weight loss or weight maintenance is my plan for the month of December. It is such a difficult time to try and lose those extra pounds!

Based on all of the different challenges I've seen - it seems I'm not the only one struggling with this. There are so many good ones I want to join all of them - I just don't want to over commit.

So far I'm doing the HBBC that Amanda at Run to the Finish has. I'm doing the 12 days of a Fit Christmas Run with Jess and Stef over at RUN ON has a Making the Cut Challenge she's starting up in a few days. I need to go dig out, dust off and skim thru that Jillian Michael's book I purchased quite some time ago and see if I'm up for that one!

Technically today and tomorrow are days I have blocked off as rest days so that my legs are fresh for the 5 mile run I'm doing on Saturday. I'm not gonna lie - I look forward to these days - there's no guilt about taking it easy on these days! HOWEVER, with all of these challenges popping up - it is making it very difficult for my lazy butt to appreciate just how good it's got it.

That said - after weigh in I went home - finished up my 6th serving of fruits and veggies (just one more to go for the day!) and did 20 minutes of power yoga.

Thank you Run to the Finish and Run with Jess for keeping me moving.

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  1. hey a loss over the holidays is a win in my book! Good job!