Wednesday, December 7, 2011

STILL not moving....

Turns out my daughter has pneumonia. (UGH!) My husband and I have been rotating shifts since we both work. (do you feel my pain here? the battle of who's job comes first is always a joy!). We are extremely grateful to finally have a diagnosis and know that she is on the mend.

I ended up leaving my business trip early so that I can come back and stay with her today.

As you can imagine - all of this juggling hasn't helped my butt make it to the treadmill. (it's raining and cold so outside just isn't an option!) I'm have HOPE that today I can put on Polar Express (again!) for her and get in a few miles!!

My legs are still a little tight since my race on Saturday. I can't seem to figure out what type of recovery time my body needs. To me - it seems like I need more than I should. HELP! I ran on Saturday and my legs are still achy today (Wednesday). The first few runs after a race for me leave my legs feeling like lead. Is this normal? How much of a difference would compression pants make? (keep in mind - we're talking a 5 mile race, not a marathon!)

On another note - I got my Secret Santa name from Run with Jill and I am so excited. I love this idea and can't wait to get shopping (and shipping!).


  1. oh, it's so hard when the kids are sick! I can totally relate to the rotating caretakers too - so hard when you have to go to work. I hope she's on the mend soon and you can get back to running! hang in there!

  2. oh goodness I am so sorry she has pneumonia, that is not fun at all. I hope you are able to get back on schedule soon.