Sunday, December 4, 2011


I finished my 5 mile Holiday run in 49:13. That's 2 1/2 minutes less than my Turkey Trot! I will admit that the terrain didn't seem as tough. I also managed to make it through the whole thing without needing to stop and rest my lungs or my legs. Yay me :-). My 5k time (logging it for my Hope Endures Virtual 5K which I will write about seperately) was 29:30. Both of these times are PBs for me!

My youngest is still sporting a fever, so we've been spending a lot of quality time lounging around. She needs to be the priority so...with luck, she'll be better by tomorrow and I'll be back to eating right and being vertical. My legs are little sore today but not too bad. Hopefully I'll be able to get out and stretch them this afternoon for a mile or two.

I've been thinking a lot about joining the local running club. The thing is - I'm not sure when I get to define myself as a runner. I'm afraid I'm going to be joining a club of people that are running 6 minute miles - and that will NEVER be me (nor will a 7 or 8 minute mile!). When is the right time to do this? Are you a member or a running club?

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