Friday, December 2, 2011

It's a no WINE or WHINE Friday!

I'm running a 5 mile Holiday Run tomorrow so no wine for me tonight - which, of course, I could / would "whine" about, but when my daughter is laying on the couch with a fever, that just doesn't feel right. Let's hope the little cherub feels better soon!

This run will also double as my Hope Endures Virtual 5k. I need to go print out my number - I still haven't figure out what I want it to be. Suggestions??

This running thing certainly keeps me in check when it comes to my 'social drinking'. (I'll need a little more time to assess whether or not that's a good thing.)

Truth be told - a few weeks ago on a ladies night out we over induldged and that feeling of being hung over (for two days since now that I'm older with more responsibilities is how long it takes to recover) was just awful. I will take the way I feel after a long run any day compared to that!

Cheers to the weekend! Enjoy.....

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