Monday, December 5, 2011

Trouble getting motivated

So... my little devil child is still sick. I love her dearly and want more than anything for her to get better....AND I seriously need to get out of this house. Actually - I need to get out of my LIVING room. You know how it is when your kids are sick - you can't really go that far from them. They need you. Well - I am officially sucked dry. Please, please, please dear husband - hurry home! roll on with the eating habits have fallen apart (sorry HBBC), my new half marathon training schedule is already off track and now I'm supposed to be out of town for the next 2.5 days. How am I supposed to get motivated? I seriously want to run out, grab a donut or two and then lounge around (alone in a quiet room) for the rest of the night.

What I will end up doing is trying to figure out what we will have for dinner (especially since my sick one is refusing to come with me to the store), finish the laundry, straighten up this "sick house", pack for my business trip (even though we haven't thoroughly worked out plan "b" if this fever doesn't break and I will have tremendous guilt leaving the house) and climb into bed tonight praying that my husband and I will have the bed to ourselves for the WHOLE night.

Getting back on track isn't going to be easy. I will pack my running clothes and hope that I can press the reset button on Wednesday. (Tuesday is already fully booked and accounted for!)

How do you manage to find time for yourself (and the motivation) when it doesn't seem that there's a minute to spare?

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  1. Hey...

    Can you please email me (just reply to this message)...I need to get your mailing address before tomorrow morning for the blog gift exchange you signed up for. You may have sent it to me, and if so I apologize for being disorganized, but can you send it to me again?

    Thanks bunches!

    Jill (run with jill)