Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five - Things that really bother me when I'm running

I decided to jump on the Friday Five band wagon.  While I was out getting in my 3+ miles  this morning - the following was running through my mind.  Things that really PISS ME OFF  bother me when I'm trying to get my run on.

1.  First and foremost - the drivers that don't slow down when they pass me.  Seriously....for a good part of my run there's a path -but for about 1 mile (of my 2.5 loop) I'm on the road.  NOT a busy "yellow lined" street - but a back road that is very commonly used by  runners.  It bugs the heck out of me that people fly by me.

2.  As I mentioned - a good portion of my run is on a path.  I will glady share "my" running path with fellow runners and walkers.  What I don't want to share is their dog's crap all over the path.  Courtesy goes a long way  - pick it up people!

3.  Chafing.  Need I say more?  Not the first time I've mentioned this and I've been really working hard to deal with this problem.  Just when I think I've come up with a solution - it rears its ugly head!

4.  The fact that several times -when I'm out there panting away - my "former" (former because she's too busy to find the time) running partner will drive by me - slow down - make some catty remark and then keep going.  (probably on her way to the diner for her next meal)  Ok -that wasn't very nice of me - but I would like the company.  It's a lot easier to push yourself for that next mile when you've got somebody pushing with you!

5.  The fact that my kids think nothing of expecting me to pause my treadmill to get them a snack.  I don't know about you- but running inside with my kids home NEVER goes as I expect it to.  I am constantly jumping on and off the TM. 

This post is what I would put into the "why running is therapeutic" category.  So much time with your own mind to go over what "ails" you.  What do you think about when you run?


  1. all I totally get what you wrote here! sounds like your kids are much like mine, your friend is jealous and people really are rude sometimes!

  2. Yes. Dog poop. Bugs the heck out of me. I run on a county maintaned path where THEY PROVIDE BAGS for your dog... and yesterday I was running along and what is in the middle of the path??? Seriously people!!!

  3. ha! I HATE it when people don't clear the dog crap off the trail - as a dog owner I take personal offense as they feel that it gives us responsible dog owner's a bad name!

    I don't have a TM, but I imagine if I did it would be exactly the same with the interruptions. When I try to workout at home I never get through an entire workout without being asked to stop for something...

    Happy 2012!