Friday, December 9, 2011

Let's talk about form....and my tanking EGO....

As most of us are ....I'm always disappointed, mortified, shocked when I see pictures of myself. I am convinced that I don't really look "that" way. As we all know - pics don't lie.

If you knew me you'd be impressed that I'm actually posting this picture. I do recognize how bad it is. In my defense- it's the end of the race and I'm tired. But let's get real - I'm certainly not built like a runner. I keep thinking I'm getting there and then I see one of "these" pictures.

Here's what I see in this: (be assured I am actually RUNNING in this picture - I know it's hard to tell!)

1. My arms look like they are twisting around my torso. Perfect example of bad form.
2. That I still have some extra pounds to lose and should really switch to black pants! (yikes, yikes and OMG!!)
3. My legs don't seem to bend when I run. This isn't the first time I've noticed that. Is this just how I run? Is this ok, not ok? Am I supposed to run lower (as in squat down lower)? (don't laugh at that question - I'm being
genuine here people :-).

Any tips on how to fix points 1 and 3 are greatly appreciated. Point number 2 is all me. Just another reason to keep pounding the pavement.

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  1. Have you looked to see if you have a local running club? Ours have seminars on proper form and could help with seeing how you run. One thing that I learned was to put a metrodome sound on my phone so that I actually shorten my stride to avoid heel strike. It was pretty interesting.