Monday, December 26, 2011

Jingle Bell Hell or Holiday Fun Run? My two day 10K!

So....on Saturday, Christmas Eve morning I went out to get in my 6.2 miles for the Virtual 10K, Holiday Fun Run that I had signed up for with Stef over at Run for Fun. 
Quickly my "Fun Run" turned into Jingle Bell Hell.  Since I've been sick now for 2+ weeks, my running time has been down.  I ALSO haven't run outside at all since the first weekend in December.  That combination had me instantly struggling as my feet were pounding on the pavement.

I couldn't find my stride.  I neglected to charge my I-Pod so I decided to run with my Blackberry and use Pandora.  About 1 mile into the run Pandora stopped streaming.  Then, mother nature called and I was done for.  Traffic on my route was insane and I realized - as I was panting, cramping and fighting off shin splints that I wasn't destined to get in the full run. 

I chalked it up to a learning experience.  I had convinced myself that I could make it through the winter using my treadmill and then just jump back into things outside when the weather was better.  CLEARLY that won't work for me.  Three weeks inside and I was sucking wind (literally!). 

I called it a day and ended my run after 3 miles and marked my calendar for first thing Monday morning.

This was me on Saturday - I wanted to wear my Ho Ho Homer Boxers but my kids wouldn't let me leave the house looking so spectacular!

Fast forward through Christmas - which was an awesome day filled with family, friends and a ton of food - and the next thing it's 7:15am on Monday morning and my alarm is going off.

Time to start the "Fun Run" over again!  This time I was better prepared.  The I-Pod was charged, I had compression shorts on under my running pants (to ensure there were no chafing issues) and mentally I was ready.  So....aside from a pitstop at my local grocery store to use their restroom (which was scary - I've seen cleaner porta potties!!!) the run was uneventful.

I did forget my sunglasses and luckily my husband drove by so I borrowed his. A little big, a little heavy, but they did the trick.

Honest truth - it was no cakewalk.  But I am proud - I finished strong and even though it was not a fantastic time -(1:11:18) I did it.  I actually got in more miles in the past 3 days because of my "do over" than if I had finished the first time out - so I'll call that an added bonus!

I hope everyone had a great holiday ~

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