Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally Friday!!

What a week! Still doing quite a bit of "running" back and forth to the pediatrician - but I am happy to report that I have also done a little running on the treadmill. I got in 2 - 3 miles on Wednesday and 4 yesterday. Absolutely no cross training but I'll take what I can get this week.

My treadmill experience lately has not been enjoyable. I used to love my treadmill compared to running outside. I found the treadmill so much easier. Now that I can't (or selectively can't) run outside due to the rapidly declining temperature, I find the treadmill more difficult than hitting the pavement.

Tomorrow is my scheduled "long" run. 6 miles and I am hoping to do brave the elements and get OUT OF THIS SICK HOUSE!

I plan on training on the treadmill during the week and for my long run on weekends - doing my best to get outside. How much outdoor training do you do during the winter months? Do you think it matters? (indoors / outdoors?)

I personally think there is a big difference and worry that I will lose ground over the next few months. Tips are appreciated!


  1. I hope you were able to get out of the house and get your long run in!

  2. I hope you got outside to run! I don't own a TM and I don't belong to the gym, so unless I want to mooch off my neighbor and use hers (which I have done) I am outside all year long. Luckily here in Oregon we have pretty moderate weather - just have to be ok with getting wet!