Monday, December 26, 2011

Running doesn't make you skinny....and other things I've learned this year....

 2011 was a great year for me.  I became a runner in 2011.  Hell - I've even been called an athlete recently by my doctor (when he was discussing how incredibly low my heartrate is :-).  I still think that's a stretch - but who am I to question my doc?

I did learn a LOT about running and myself  along the way.

1.  Let's get real here people - Running does NOT make you skinny.  I, like most other people who aren't natural born runners, put on those running shoes for the first time thinking that I was going to instantly drop weight.  HECK - that's WHY I started running.   I didn't lose a pound for the first two months.  You'd think you would - after all - when you first start running it feels like one of the hardest things you can do.  (some days - it is still the hardest thing I do!)

2.  Running is good for the SOUL but not necessarily the "SOLE". Running has changed who I am as a person.  My mental health, clarity and outlook on life have improved ten fold.  Along with this new found "ME" comes new worries about hammies, PF, footstrike and other stresses on my joints and bones.  Wouldn't change a thing....just sayin.

3.  It's all about the T-shirt.  I don't know about you - but I am one of those - 1st to register people just to be sure I get the "free to the first" registrants t-shirt.  Exactly WHEN am I supposed to wear these shirts?  Most of them are men's shirts so they aren't exactly flattering to wear around town.

4.  Running clothes can be worn anywhere.  Now that I'm a runner - I wear my seriously unflattering running clothes anywhere and everywhere.  My "identity" as a runner supercedes my concern of how big my arse looks in my running pants.  I no longer get "dressed" to go places - I throw on my gear and assume I'll get a run in while I'm there. 

5.  I'd rather run than drink.  Ok - this one I had to think about.  I do love a good "social" hour. 

6.  I feel better when I run than I look.  I guess it really is mind over matter - but when I see pictures - I cringe.  Where's that grace I'm sure I have? 

What has running taught you?  Have you changed because of it?


  1. I agree with it doesn't make you skinny if you dont change anything else! It does make you leaner though!

    I also wear running gear just about everywhere.

  2. Running has taught me that I can do things that I never thought I would ever do. This happened when I signed up for my first half back in May and told my mom about it. Next thing I knew, she said we were going to do it together!! I just wish I lived closer to her so I could have a workout buddy!

  3. hahaha that picture. Funny story .. finished my 10 miles yesterday came home to get in ice bath .. looked in mirror and HOLY TERROR .. I thought I was looking good and strong LOL So funny!!!! :)